Want healthier employees? Check out our health challenges. 

Unhealthy employees cost Canadian businesses about $16 billion each year. Looking for cost-effective strategies and tools to improve the health of your employees? Get started today with one of our electronic, self-directed, employee health challenges or "e-campaigns". 


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Complementary Employee Wellness Resources

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Other Employee Health Challenges 

Attitude of Gratitude
When life gets hectic and we begin to feel overwhelmed, one of the best ways to de-stress is to focus on the people around you and the things you are grateful for. Participants receive tips to help them maintain a positive outlook and have a unique opportunity to share their gratitude by sending interactive, online postcards to co-workers.

You Snooze, You Lose!
Recent research continues to prove it; one of the best things you can do for your health is to get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. Sleep affects our mood, our eating habits, stress levels and energy. Try our top strategies for ensuring a better night’s sleep and get the rest you need.

Nutrition 4 You
Are brown eggs healthier than white eggs? Is coffee better than tea? Should I be eating almond butter or peanut butter? We make it easy to stay up-to-date on the latest nutrition news. Practical tips, easy-to-follow advice and delicious recipes make this one of our most popular programs.

Recipes 4 Success
If you are in need of a new recipe, look no further. We have breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks covered. Employees will look forward to receiving easy, nutritious and delicious recipes that will help them and their families lead a healthier lifestyle.

12 Days of "Fitmas"
Staying healthy over the holidays is challenging for even the most health conscious individual. To get through the season with energy and patience to spare, employees receive 12 days of wellness strategies including 10-minute exercise routines, holiday eating and entertaining tips, healthy recipes, getting rest and more.

Maintain Your Brain
Recent research has shown that keeping your brain “fit” will help improve cognitive functioning, alertness and problem solving skills regardless of age. How does one achieve a fit brain? The daily email tips and brain teasers will help you “wise up” and stay sharp for the best quality of life.

Autumn (or Spring) Cleanse: Yoga and Detox
Register to receive 10 days of emails with the best detoxifying yoga poses and nutrition tips to help restore balance.

The Happiness Challenge
Did you know that individuals who are happy are healthier and live longer? And did you know that you can actively pursue a happy lifestyle. Receive tips and strategies to maximize the power of positivity and realize the health benefits!

Nutrition Around the World
Take a virtual gastronomic trip around the world! Discover fun facts about nutrition in the far-reaches of the globe and receive delicious recipes to try.

Food 4 Thought
The Nutrition e-Campaign includes 5 days of mouth-watering “foodie facts” that will keep you on track toward healthy eating. Each day you will receive an email complete with information on the latest food trends, functional nutrients and tips to help you cook and eat well at home!


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