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Do you feel sluggish after eating certain foods? Would a high protein diet be right for you? Do you avoid particular foods because you know they will make you feel uncomfortable as your body digests?

 Nutrigenetics – the study of the interplay between the genes you were born with, your nutrition and health outcomes – makes it now possible to personalize what you put in your body.

What is tested?

With a buccal swab, this test evaluates 70 genetic markers, and covers six categories, including:

  • Nutrient metabolism
  • Cardiometabolic health
  • Weight management & body composition
  • Food intolerances
  • Eating habits
  • Fitness & physical activity

Who should be tested?

Nutrigenomix is a test for anyone with an interest in changing their diet to help optimize their health using targeted nutrition. You may benefit from this test if you have:

  • Food intolerances
  • Metabolic health issues
  • Sport-nutrition optimization goals
  • Weight-management challenges  

Individuals should not use this test as a diagnosis for food allergies.